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Join me for a fun and exciting journey of self-discovery, a chance to explore who you were born to be.  The map of the sky at the moment of birth, the natal chart, is the starting point.   I offer basic natal readings for individuals, couples, and families, as well as forecasts for future events using transits, progressions and solar returns.  I have a special interest in Evolutionary Astrology, for those who wish to explore past lives, karma, and the best way forward in this life and I love to explore the dynamics of "soul mate" and "karma mate" phenomenon in relationships involving couples and families.


About Me

I have been studying astrology for over twenty years.  I began my studies at Astrology Et Al in Seattle in 1997, completing two and one-half years of classes.  Following this, I completed the American Federation of Astrology Correspondence Course, passing the student exam in 2009 and earning my professional accreditation in 2011 and I am listed as a recommended astrologer on their website, astrologers.com.   I make extensive use of symbolism and mythology as described by Joseph Campbell and C.G. Jung in my astrological chart readings, and I feel everyone is the "hero" of their own story.  As a "Fire" person with three planets including the Sun in Aries, I have a natural affinity for dreams, vision, and the psychological realm of Intuition


What To Expect

Imagine that it is possible to know who you truly are, apart from the roles and labels assigned by family, friends and society.  Imagine that it is possible to understand why you are here on planet Earth at thus particular time and place.  Your unique natal chart can provide these insights and many more.  If you are confused, uninspired, or just plain bored or lost, a skilled reading of your birth chart can help immensely.  For an hour, at least, it IS all about you!  Aren't you just the least bit curious?

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Deborah Scott, PMAFA

713 3rd Avenue, Aberdeen, Washington 98520, United States


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