Available Classes


Beginning Astrology

Suitable for those with little to no astrological knowledge.  Topics include:  The structure of the natal chart, and basic descriptions of the planets, the signs, The houses, and the aspects.  Minimum 4 students, maximum 7.  Tentatively scheduled to begin Wednesday May 15, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for six weeks.  Cost:  $75.00 for all six classes.

Advanced Beginning Astrology

For those who know the basics of Astrology, and taking up where Beginning Astrology leaves off.  Topics include:  Planets in Signs, more in-depth descriptions of the planets and signs, and the beginning of chart delineation.  This is a participatory class using student's natal charts as examples.  Minimum 4 students, maximum 7.  Cost $75.00 for six classes.  Date and Time TBA

Synastry aka Chart Comparison

The astrology of relationships.  Requires a solid knowledge of astrology.  Topics include:  The Elements and Energy analysis, the function of each planet in relationships, and various comparison techniques, including the Composite Chart.  Minimum 4 students, Maximum 7.  Cost $75.00 for six classes.  Date and Time to TBA


Interested in becoming certified as an astrologer?  The American Federation of Astrologers offers certification exams at different levels (www.astrologers.com/about/afa-exams/).  All exams require the ability to construct an accurate natal and progressed chart using only an atlas, an ephemeris, and a book of tables.  Depending on interest, I am available for group classes or individual tutoring in chart construction.

Feedback Welcome!

Have a Astrological topic you would like to know more about?  Please let me know.  I am open to ideas for future seminars.