How much do you charge for a reading?

I charge $45.00/hour for an individual reading and $60.00/hour for couples/families.  This reflects the fact that I spend at least an hour  with a chart/charts prior to an appointment.  Therefore, I require a $15.00 non-refundable deposit at the time of appointment confirmation for all new clients.  

What is needed to construct a chart?

In order to calculate a natal chart I need the date, time and place of birth.  I can construct a chart with only the date of birth, but it lacks crucial information, namely the house cusps, including the rising sign and an accurate Moon position.  A process called "Rectification" can be used to determine a birth time based on subsequent life event, but that is something I don't generally offer.

How does astrology "work"?

I believe in the doctrine "As Above, So Below", that there is a pattern, a force, that is reflected in the cosmos and in each individual.  The Planets don't cause events or circumstances on Earth and in the lives of individuals but there is a definite correspondence between planetary phenomenon and human personalities and life events.

How do I pay?

I have a PayPal account for long-distance readings, and accept cash/checks for in-person readings

What is an astrological reading like?

My primary goal is to introduce (or re-introduce) "you" to important parts of yourself to that you might not be aware of,  in a non-threatening, interesting, and inspiring way.  It really is "all about you" at least for the time we spend together.  Because the information contained in a chart is virtually limitless, I do prefer to know ahead of time what is most relevant to you, where you want the focus to be.