Available services


Natal Readings: In-depth analysis of the natal chart specifically focused on the current concern.

Most people have a specific concern or problem they would like to explore using astrology.  These include many areas, such as career or vocation, relationships, feeling "stuck" or uninspired., sad or confused.  The current issue is where the focus is placed.

Transits: How the current positions of the planets are interacting with the natal chart.

What is the current status of the planets?  Where are they is the sky right now?  How are they interacting with the natal/progressed chart?

Progressions: Moving the natal chart forward in time and how that is influencing the present.

Using the formula of a "year for a day" (Secondary Progressions) or moving the planets forward the same distance the sun travels in a day (Solar Arc) we are able to move the chart forward in time

Synastry, aka chart comparison: Analysis of two or more natal charts and how they interact

This technique can work wonders in improving the quality of a relationship!  Understanding where the other person is "coming from", how their energy is influencing you, and vice versa can make a huge difference.

Solar Returns: A one-year forecast based on the return of the Sun to its natal position

By calculating a chart for the moment the Sun reaches its natal position for a given year we are able to predict the areas of life which will be highlighted and possible challenges or rewards..



Individual Consultation: $45.00/hr.

Couples/Chart Comparison $70.00/hr.

Solar Return/Future Forecast $50.00/hr.

I welcome short questions and inquiries, and a short e-mail reply is free-of-charge.